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KINKA sushi bar izakaya ROPPONGI
Sushi | Roppongi
POUND-YA 听屋 六本木店
Steak | Roppongi
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Bistro MelangerBistro Melanger
28 reviews
Bistro | Gotanda / Osaki, Central Tokyo

Bistro Melanger is a quaint French eatery. The team works closely with local vendors and wholesale dealers to provide the freshest ingredients in each dish. Chef Kimichi Tokumoto runs the kitchen at Bistro Melanger. He has years of experience with French cuisine. The owner and sommelier, Takayuki Kawabata hand-picks wine for the restaurant from a local winery dealer.

The menu at Bistro Melanger is always offering something new. Guests can enjoy a one plate lunch, set course menus or a luxury lunch plate with several courses. Enjoy dishes like the farmer�s fresh vegetable salad and daily appetizers and desserts.


Restaurant BONDRestaurant BOND
Reviews Coming Soon
Organic | Gotanda / Osaki, Central Tokyo

Restaurant BOND is based on the concept of completely gluten free and sugar free, and serving delicious dishes combining various seasonal ingredients that are delicious for the heart and body, with innovative ideas and technique. We also serve Japanese sake pairing with dishes. We hope you will come to our restaurant with the feeling that you go to a friend's house who is really good at cooking. As a restaurant that can deliver unprecedented new value to customers, we appreciate the connection with each one of our guests came to BOND, with our wish that we want them to spend valuable time that makes them smile, such as memorable meal time with your family, loved ones, and friends.
__ We want to deliver food that remain in your heart __
With this wish, we look forward to seeing you in our restaurant.More