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SADO 離 名駅店
Dining Bar | Nagoya
Johnnie's Brasserie
Steak | Nagoya
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Brasserie Paul Bocuse la MaisonBrasserie Paul Bocuse la Maison
French | Nagoya, Nagoya

Mr. Paul Bocuse, who has been traveling around the globe to spread French cuisine to the world as his lifework, created the casual style restaurant "Brasserie" in the city of Lyon in order to inherit an orthodox French cuisine from parent to child and child to grandchild. In the five brasseries in Lyon serve French cuisine cooked with high-quality ingredients in reasonable price, and that are always crowded with people of all ages.
"Talking while eating "is the concept that having a casual conversation with friend while enjoying delicious food and wine, and it is supported by people of all ages.
High-quality ingredients,the right heat level, and the best seasoning. The basics of the dishes provided by "Paul Bocuse" are high-quality ingredients, the right heat level, and the best seasoning. Faithful to the basics, a simple seasoning and a playful presentation of dishes make you feel sense of ease and warmth. This is the magic of "Paul Bocuse".More

Meieki Nadaman SaryoMeieki Nadaman Saryo
Kaiseki | Nagoya, Nagoya

We welcome you with the traditional techniques and hospitalities of "Nadaman" inherited since its foundation in 1830.
You can enjoy the traditional taste of a well-established Japanese cuisine restaurant casually and reasonably.
Please enjoy a variety of fresh and delicate dishes using seasonal ingredients in the relaxing restaurant interior where we cherished coziness. More

Nagoya NadamanNagoya Nadaman
Kaiseki | Nagoya, Nagoya

Please enjoy a full-fledged Kaiseki cuisine that uses carefully selected seasonal ingredients in Japan. Enjoy an elegant space and time filled with a finely tuned service and hospitality, such as delicate Japanese cuisine techniques, beautiful food presentation, our thorough dedication to select platewares, as well as timing to deliver food and seating allocation considering the needs of each guest.
The restaurant interior designed by Togo Murano, the leading architect in Japan, is full of profundity and calmness. There are also private rooms that can be used for various occasions such as entertainment and dining together. The open table seats where you can enjoy your meal while watching the fountain, and the counter seats where you can have sushi, tempura, grilled food become one of the charm of our restaurant, and that make our restaurant elegant and tasteful. Enjoy tasting the Japanese cuisine that bring the best out of the seasonal ingredients. More

l'Auberge de l'ill Nagoyal'Auberge de l'ill Nagoya
French | Nagoya, Nagoya

The symbol of epicureanism in France Alsace, " Auberge de l'Ile".
"Auberge de I'lle" is a small restaurant started by Mr.and Mrs. Haeberlin near the bank of Ill river in lushly green Illhaeusern village, and it has been handed over to their descendants for more than 100 years. The good fame of the restaurant built by the strong family ties has been attracting many people, and in 1967, the restaurant received the highest rank of three stars of Michelin. The ultimate cuisine and gentle hospitality provided by the Haeberlin family attracted epicures all over the world, and it has become the well-known restaurant keeps receiving the three-stars for more than a half century.
" Auberge de l'Ile Nagoya" was born as a flagship store of the restaurant in Japan in 2007. Please spend a happy moment in "Auberge de I'lle Nagoya" that provides the ultimate French Cuisine from traditional Alsace specialite inherited from its main restaurant to a seasonal dish.More

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